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Born into this madness in '72. Long Beach. Trojan. Dodger Fan. Laker Fan. Husband. Father. Teacher. Sweet tooth. Coffee junkee. A fan of: Goodfellas, The Champ (with Jon Voight and Ricky Shroeder, of course), Bill Murray's deadpan, Magic Johnson's positive energy, Jimmy Stewart's charisma, Morissey's pain, Colin Cowherd's takes, Steve Carell's faces, the Deadliest Catch and playing basketball.


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Brian George
Tuesday 8th July 2008, 1:11pm
Remember when Tommy said, "Los Angeles is the sports capital of the world." That was a great day.

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"In a season so improbable, the impossible..." posted on 10/08/2008
Will it? Can it? It's looking pretty damn good. Our lineup is sick right now. Furcal's bunt against the Cubbies was textbook bunting for a basehit and legging one out. I wonder if anyone's asked Kent lately if he thinks Vin is talking too much now. What an a-hole. Leave him on the bench. His injury was the biggest blessing we've had this season. The team seems to be having fun now. Bring on the Philthies!

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Pitching, PItching, Pitching posted on 08/23/2008

This is tough. It's usually not our problem. Colorado, Cincinatti, Houston, yes, but not us. It's our staple. That and the D and we ain't gonna be able to hold up with what we've got. With Brad Penny looking pretty "done", and Jason Schmidt not even a blip on the radar for any kind of return this year, it's time to reassess what we've got and what's needed.

Billingsley - obviously our #1. The problem is he's had to pitch so damn perfect all year, so focused, every pitch stressed, because of our pre-Manny, season long ineptness at offense that he may be loosening the reigns a bit now that it looks like we may be able to hit and it may come back to bite him. But, he's our stud.

Kuroda - Up and down. Hard to determine if a quality start is coming for sure.

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Kaman the German and his cohorts posted on 07/06/2008

Last Sunday, in my Los Angeles Times, there was an article about American athletes (and by American athletes I mean athletes who were born and raised here) who are competing for Mexico in the upcoming Olympics. The article was kind of an icing on the cake confirmation for me that, todays' first and second-generation Americans, are leading the way in the demise of our great country.  What's even more saddening for me is that when I share this story with other Americans, the common response I've gotten is usually something along the lines of, "They just want to compete in the Olympics" or "What's the big deal? They just want to play".  Who cares? They just want to swim, run and jump, right? It doesn't matter that they're Americans swimming, running and jumping for another nation, does it? Is this the prevailing mentality across America? Call me old-fashioned, it ain't right.

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Why Not Hong Chi? posted on 07/01/2008

The Dodgers are banged up in the rotation right now. We've got Chan Ho Round II in the rotation, Kershaw the Kid in there, and another kid named Eric Stults in there, not to be confused with the drug dealer from Pulp Fiction grubbing on cereal in a bathrobe pissed off that Vincent Vega is calling his house telling him he's bringing over his OD'ing date, nor to be confused with the guy who portrayed teen biker Rocky Dennis - the other one who spells his last name with a "u" and who after pitching a shutout last week said the last time he pitched a shutout was sometime in Little League, he thinks. So the question continues to pop up, why not Kuo?

Why not the guy with the lowest ERA on the team?

Why not the guy with, according to Fox analyst and former MLB skipper, Kevin Kennedy, the sickest and nastiest stuff on the team?

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Forget the Athletes, Give me the Gamers! posted on 06/27/2008

Is it true? Are there less athletes in baseball today than ever? That's what they say, what they've been saying for years now. The athletic, talented kid who can run and jump and hit and catch better than you or I isn't playing baseball anymore. If it doesn't involve a football or a basketball, our truly athletic American kids aren't playing it. Baseball is slow. Doesn't grab the interests of kids. The game hasn't evolved. It's bad on TV. There are less fields in the inner city. It's expensive to play with equipment and travel leagues. Although there may be some apparent truth to some or all of these arguments, there are several factors to consider on the contrary.

The first being the "The beauty of baseball" factor and that is that you can succeed at it, make it to the Show and flourish even, regardless of your height, build, vertical leap or speed - and that's the way it's always been. Pete Rose never blew anybody away with his height, size or speed. He could hit and if you can hit, you can make it in this game regardless of size, height or speed. It didn't hurt that he always played aggressively and outhustled the next guy. Some attribute that success to the era he played in, but some of today's stars in MLB: Ichiro, Tejada, Rollins are all well under six feet and in addition to their speed, can hit the baseball for avergae and power.

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