Hasbro's Bulls-Eye Baseball

April 30, 2008

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Hasbro's Bulls-Eye Baseball

It’s a fairly simple game to learn but requires enough skill that you should be able to play it for along time without ever fully mastering it.  The more you play the better you’ll get.  And you’ll be getting better for quite some time.


The game basically involves bouncing small metal balls off a trampoline like circle into one of 6 holes - 1 for each base (1st, 2nd, 3rd,), a home run hole, a strike out hole, and an out hole.  The skill is in leaning how hard and at what angle to bounce the ball so that it goes into one of the holes other than the “strike” and “out” holes.


There’s various different games you can play some requiring speed some requiring accuracy.  “Half-Inning Rally” lets you try and score as many points as you can before you get three “outs.”  “30-Second At Bat” lets you try and score as many runs in a quick 30 seconds.  “Home Run Hot Shot” is like the home run derby where you try and "hit" as many homeruns before you get 10 outs.  And of course there’s the 9 inning game where you play a full baseball against an opponent bouncing the balls in like a batter trying to score more runs than your opponent in nine innings.


After playing this game for several days I was getting better each time I played.  I’ve still got a lot to learn.  I played with a friend of mine, and we both immediately were trying to figure out the secret and competing against each other like little kids!  The game makes some great sounds and has some classic baseball announcer sayings like when you hit a home run, “going… going… gone” or “it’s outta here!”


The only negative points I would say is that the package says 7 years old and up, but I wouldn’t recommend this game for kids that young.   Aside from the choking hazard that the small balls pose, a young child is much more likely to lose the small metal balls than an older child, and if the balls are lost the game would be virtually useless (perhaps you could buy more from Hasbro).  I remember as I child I was guilty of this until a certain age - probably around 10 or so.  If your child plays with small toys with intricate pieces and doesn’t lose them, then you should be fine.


Also, there isn’t any compartment to store the metal balls in.  They sit in a nice little bowl like shelf at the bottom of the game, which is good for game play, but the balls would most likely get lost over time without a lot of care since there’s no way of enclosing them within the game.


Also, I would have liked to see more lights and digital read-outs.  Perhaps this is a function of cost, but when you’re playing there’s no score board there’s simply a voice that tells you the score.  Same thing with the outs.  This doesn’t detract from game play since the game keeps track of the score and the outs and tells you audibly when it’s appropriate (or when you press a score button), but it would be nice to see the score in lights somewhere.  Perhaps if this game is a big hit Hasbro will come out with a deluxe version.


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) I would give this game a solid 4.  I think young boys would really enjoy it.  It would make a nice alternative to a video game.

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